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XYZprinting’s new 3D printer is designed for the classroom

Likely best known for its low cost 3D printing/scanning all-in-ones, hardware maker XYZprinting is making its first focused play in the education space with the da Vinci miniMaker, a $229 device designed to offer up entry-level desktop 3D printing to K-12 STEM classes.

The inexpensive 3D printer is designed for ease of use, featuring push-button printing and auto-calibration, along with integration with the company’s Educational Ecosystem, a selection of software focused on folding the technology into a classroom setting.

Included in the suite are the XYZmaker 3D modeling software, 3D Gallery (featuring pre-designed 3D models) and the XYZprinting STEAM project curriculum. The printer is available for pre-order through Amazon, with shipping set for the fall, as the little ones get ready to head back to school.

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