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“The Fast and the Furious” Returns to the Big Screen June 22

In 2001, a film came out that created a pop-culture phenomenon: “The Fast & the Furious.” It has since spawned seven sequels, with three more movies in the production pipeline. The franchise is one of the most successful in movie history, garnering $3.9 billion in revenue. It also made Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and the rest of the cast household names.

Some 15 years later, Universal is set to re-release the movie that started it all in theaters June 22, the date it was originally released, for one night only. The film debuted at No. 1 and made $207.3 million worldwide when all was said and done. No one expected the film cast mostly with Hollywood unknowns to have such success.

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“The fan base has grown exponentially, particularly in the social media age and the re-release provides an opportunity for the most recent generation of fans to experience the first film on the big screen for the first time,” Universal distribution chief Nick Carpou said.

The latest installment, “Fast & Furious 8,” is said to raise the stakes even further than “Furious 7,” which had a car driving and jumping through three towers in Abu Dhabi. “Furious 8” is also the first Hollywood film to shoot in Cuba after its diplomatic détente with the United States. It’s set to be released in April 2017.

For now, watching the film that started it all might have to be enough for fans. Series producer Neal H. Moritz said: “While we are hard at work making No. 8, we are thankful to take this moment and celebrate the original that started us off.”

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