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PlayStation 4’s 4.50 software update adds HDD support, 3D Blu-ray capability for PS VR

PlayStation 4’s next big software update is going out now to beta testers, and it adds a lot for owners of the console to get excited about. There’s support for external USB HDDs, which means regardless of how much internal storage you have on your PS4, you can add up to 8TB of additional space via external drives, ensuring you’ll never run out of room for games and saves.

The update also adds support for 3D Blu-ray discs to PlayStation VR, letting you see 3D in full stereoscopic glory when you’re watching your movies using your headset. That’s a pretty neat feature, since it means you can enjoy 3D so long as you have a PS VR, even if you don’t have a 3D TV, which already let you view 3D Blu-rays using your PS4 since way back in update 1.75.

The new features include the ability to post updates to your PSN activity feed, similar to how you might share social updates on Twitter and Facebook, and you can even share in-game screenshots on the fly as status updates. You can also use those screenshots as custom wallpapers for your PS4 home screen, and the Quick Menu also gets an update with this beta that tweaks functionality for easier in-game party options.

There’s more in the update, too, PlayStation notes on its official blog, but for now these are the features it’s previewing. Plenty enough to get excited about, especially if you’re not a fan of having to delete games and re-download them from the cloud just to manage your available space.

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