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Huawei refutes FCC claims of US national security concerns

Chinese tech giant Huawei has written to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) arguing that the United States should not miss out on its market-leading technology, also pointing out that its exclusion would drive up consumer costs for mobile services. Huawei’s comments came in response to the FCC’s notice of proposed ...

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Light is building a smartphone with five to nine cameras

Light, the company behind the wild L16 camera, is building a smartphone equipped with multiple cameras. According to The Washington Post, the company is prototyping a smartphone with five to nine cameras that’s capable of capturing a 64 megapixel shot. The entire package is not much thicker than an iPhone ...

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Huawei launches 5G and IoT customer innovation centre in Sydney

Huawei’s Customer Solution Innovation Centre launches in Sydney (Image: Corinne Reichert/ZDNet) Huawei has launched the Customer Solution Innovation Centre (CSIC) in Chatswood, Sydney, in a bid to demonstrate its 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to customers, government, and industry. Speaking at the opening of the CSIC on Thursday ...

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Original Stitch’s new Bodygram will measure your body

After years of teasing, Original Stitch has officially launched their Bodygram service and will be rolling it out this summer. The system can scan your body based on front and side photos and will create custom shirts with your precise measurements. “Bodygram gives you full body measurements as accurate as ...

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AT&T’s low-cost TV streaming service WatchTV goes live

AT&T’s newly announced WatchTV, a low-cost live TV streaming service announced in the wake of the AT&T / Time Warner merger, is now up and running. The company already has one over-the-top streaming service with DirecTV Now, but this one is cheaper, has some restrictions and doesn’t include local channels ...

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