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Let the Owner of a 1957 Aston Martin Explain Why His Car Is “Perfectly Awful”

It’s hard to imagine anyone attributing the adjective “awful” to a vintage Aston Martin, but in the newest episode of Petrolicious, Aston owner Dave Adams maintains that his bright blue 1957 Aston Martin Mk. III is “perfectly awful.”

As Adams enumerates in the video, the Aston Martin Mk. III was a very important car, perhaps primarily for the number of “lasts” and “firsts” associated with it. The Mk. III was the first Aston to feature disc brakes, the familiar open-mouthed front grille, the first to have the trademark interior binnacle, and the final Aston to be powered by the Lagonda-sourced inline-six engine.

1957 Aston Martin MK3 Petrolicious rear three quarters

Adams got his feet wet in the industry when he purchased a Jaguar convertible while he was still in high school. He began to work on cars, and learn all about what he calls “mid-century” sports cars, eventually beginning to import sports cars regularly.

In the 1980s, he followed up on a snail-mail correspondence, in a bid to purchase a Mk. III drop-top in England. When he arrived, the car was already long gone. In its place, however, was the bright blue Mk. III prototype. Adams says it was love at first sight.

1957 Aston Martin MK3 Petrolicious front 2

The car was a development prototype for Aston Martin, and survived with the automaker for three years. After that, Adams discovered the car had participated in the legendary Monte Carlo Rally.

He’s deliberately avoiding a full restoration on his Aston, as he feels as though it detracts from the car as a whole. Instead, the car is playing the part of “its own art director,” with a sagging headliner, rat-chewed carpets, and general road rash.

Take a look at the newest episode of Petrolicious in the video below.

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Helsup for Petrolicious

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