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MetroPCS is now Metro by T-Mobile

It’s been five years since T-Mobile picked up MetroPCS, and now the prepaid service is finally getting a fresh coat of paint. The “PCS” bit is getting the old heave-ho, while the brand’s owners are letting you know who’s boss with the new Metro by T-Mobile brand name. The new ...

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Porsche: Auf Wiedersehen Diesel!

A year ago Porsche was thinking about giving diesel the axe, and now it’s finally happening. In a statement, the automaker announced it will no longer offer diesel vehicles, shifting its focus to electrified cars. Porsche cites a change in consumer demand. Diesels accounted for 12 percent of its global sales last year, the ...

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US ISP RCN stores customer passwords in cleartext

RCN, one of the largest internet and cable service providers in the US, admitted today on Twitter that it stores users’ passwords in cleartext, passwords to which its customer support employees have access at any time during technical support requests. An RCN spokesperson said that “[customer support] agents need to ...

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Microsoft Azure bets big on IoT

At its Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida, Microsoft today announced a plethora of new Internet of Things-focused updates to its Azure cloud computing platform. It’s no secret that the amount of data generated by IoT devices is a boon to cloud computing services like Azure — and Microsoft is definitely ...

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Kano’s latest computer kit for kids doubles down on touch

Learn-to-code startup Kano, whose products aim to turn kids into digital makers, has taken the wraps off the latest incarnation of its build-it-yourself computer kit. With the new flagship Kano is doubling down on touch interactions — urging kids to “make your own tablet”. The Computer Kit Touch packs a 10.1″ HD touchscreen, ...

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